V.K. - How it started. Recreating vintage clothing pieces has always been a passion Val Kristopher has had from a young age. Finding fulfilment in cutting, patching and customising his old clothes, into a new garments for him to wear, is what lead him to grow his contemporary clothing brand we know today as VAL. KRISTOPHER.  


During the 4 years of the brand being established, V.K. has built a structure in creating seasonal ideas into ready to wear collections, which are both sold online and in retailers worldwide.

4:30am is a concept which takes us back to how Val Kristopher started his journey of finding the new with the old. With a focus on the life cycle of a garment being circulated, we believe that vintage pieces have a room in the higher end space. 

The fashion industry has always taken its inspiration and references from vintage pieces. So instead of continuously capitalising on vintage designs, we think up cycling the pieces themselves is more beneficial to the industry and most importantly, the environment. Making something new doesn’t have to come from scratch. It’s about seeing and creating a new perspective from something that already exists.


Val Kristopher’s style is very distinct and we aim to incorporate this by sourcing well curated vintage pieces and enhancing them by adding VK’s touch. 

We also aim to encourage our audience and customers into buying more vintage pieces and seeing a new sense of purpose for them.

WHY 4:30 AM?

- Most 4:30am products wont be the same

- Produce more purposeful collections and quantities

- Lessen fabric consumptions and waste 

- Lessen CO2 omissions from all logistical aspects of creating a product from scratch 

- Showcasing to the fashion industry a more greener way of buying and selling 

- Helping local vintage wholesale businesses by bringing vintage into the higher end space